Victor Goldfeld

Creative Director

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Hey guys and gals, I am a Creative Director, Editor, Compositor, Animator, Muralist, and Earthling (As far as I know.) My main strength comes through in the versatility of my skill set where I have worked in all phases of production for TV, Movies and commercials. I work fast and smart under tight deadlines, pressure and unforeseen circumstances. I can direct teams of mocap actors, voice talent, animators, editors, and compositors. I know how to run a client session and manage different teams and personalities ensuring that the goals of the job are addressed along with any client concerns. I always want the client to feel excited and energized when we work together.
I am currently working as Creative Director and Editor of Animatics for commercials at Launch ( We take multiple ideas/storyboards, scripts from clients and agencies and turn them into test commercials which visualize and test concepts to see if they are worthy of production. Those that pass are then shot as full ups. Our recent work has been included in the SuperBowl and commercial work can be widely seen on most TV channels. Big name clients include Chase, Coca-Cola, Nissan, Budweiser, Gillette, Charmin and Hershey’s.
Prior to that I worked as a blocker, lay out artist and prop animator on the highly acclaimed pre school children’s show “3rd and Bird”​ for Little Airplane Productions ( Prior to that I worked as an Animatic Director for the English show “SuperNormal.”​ One of my favorite freelance jobs was painting a RIP mural for the Wu-Tang Clan’s legendary Ol’ Dirty Bastard in his old Bed Stuy neighborhood.

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School Of Visual Arts

Bachelors of Fine Arts

Graduated with honors in the Animation program.



Best Animated Film, Staten Island Film Festival


Direction Art direction Creative Direction Editing Compositing Managing


After Effects Photoshop Final Cut Pro Premiere Cinema4d Flash Illustrator